OrbitX started developing a Green-based Space Rocket with the Philippines’ Space Agency

OrbitX started the developing a Space Rocket with the Philippines’ Space Agency

Philippines is developing 2 stage space exploration rocket with OrbitX Technologies

The Philippines’ first rocket company Orbital Exploration Technologies announced its plans to develop a suborbital two-stage rocket, OrbitX Haribon SLS-1, powered by a propellant of renewable kerosene derived from waste plastics (OrbitX RP-2).

OrbitX was founded on June 2, 2019 Quezon City with vital team of researchers and engineers (mechanical engineer, aerospace engineer and chemical engineer) and an IT expert.

OrbitX is environment centered organization that focuses not just the space exploration project but also using the wastes as primary materials in developing space fuel. They use the waste and deploy the process called pyrolysis as fuel which are similar to rocket grade kerosene or RP-1. Solving two problems: sustaining earth and accessing space. Also in the research phase which is a methane fuel from algae  in partnership with Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

OrbitX aimed three immediate goals for our Haribon SLS vehicles:

* Provide cheaper, greener and highly sustainable launch provider for satellites and other payloads;

* Bring people to space (space tourism); and

* Solve the space junk problem.

OrbitX claimed that are in Technology Readiness Level 4. They were funded pre-COVID by Genix Ventures through Michael Alexander Montoya, a US citizen (release affected by the pandemic). Their partnerships and affiliations include Space4Impact and Space Impulse, the Green Party of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. We are currently competing in China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

OrbitX aimed to become the global pioneer of waste to energy for space technology, and to be able to provide technologies that will benefit both earth and space in the long run. They wanted to be a major provider of cheap, green and sustainable space access to developing countries like the Philippines while preserving the earth.

Green launches

Orbital Exploration Technologies, The Philippines’ first commercial spaceflight company, is working on developing its own launch vehicles with the aim of providing green, low-cost and sustainable launches.

The startup, founded by Dexter P. Baño Jr., will create a space launch system that will be powered by renewable kerosene derived from waste plastics. It has named this proprietary fuel OrbitX RP-2, after the refined kerosene RP-1 typically used in rockets.

OrbitX RP-2 will be used to power OrbitX Haribon SLS-1, a suborbital two-stage rocket that could launch payloads of up 200kg, which the startup will develop with a targeted launch date of 2023-24. The rocket is designed to achieve 844kN of thrust, and will be 12.02 metres high.

Orbital Exploration Technologies, using its OrbitX Haribon SLS-1, hopes to conduct 6 launches a year. Each launch is projected to cost US$4.959 million, which the company says will be 13% cheaper compared to Rocket Lab’s Electron. The company has secured an initial funding of US$50,000 from angel investors.

The Philippines is trying to fast pace the development for space technology after President Duterte signed and approved the creation of the Philippine Space Agency.

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