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The ABS-CBN News Channel (or ANC) is an international cable/satellite television news network targeted to the Filipino audience. ANC broadcasts from the studio 6 and newsroom of ABS-CBN in ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center in Diliman, Quezon City, the Philippines. It is notable for being the country's first all-news cable network, the country's first 24-hour news network, and the country's first English language news network.

The ABS-CBN News Channel was originally established in 1996 as the Sarimanok News Network or SNN. SNN was the brainchild of the late Eugenio Lopez, Jr. who envisioned a television network that would become the primary source of news and information for Filipinos. SNN was first offered on SkyCable on May 1, 1996. Back then the channel served the viewers through two major news programs, Dateline Philippines and Primetime News, while short news advisories aired throughout the day. o enhance its resources and strengthen its position as the primary news channel for the Filipinos, SNN in 1998 merged with Sky News, another Lopez-owned cable news channel that specialized in business news.

The merger of the two networks paved the way for the formation of the country's first 24-hour news channel offering the latest in local and foreign news, business information, sports, weather updates and lifestyle. In 1999 the network changed its name to ABS-CBN News Channel or ANC.

 In the years that followed, ANC established its name and credibility through its coverage of key events in the Philippines including the impeachment trial of Joseph Estrada, the Sipadan hostage crisis, the Oakwood mutiny, and EDSA Dos and Tres. ANC was also the first to reveal the Joseph Estrada's "brown envelope" controversy, Corazon Aquino's death, the Maguindanao massacre, and Hubert Webb's acquittal.

 On November 4, 2011, ANC together with and YouTube brought the YouTube World View event to the Philippines with an exclusive and one-on-one interview with the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III in MalacaƱang Palace. The questions was submitted and voted by YouTube users from all over the world. On July 18, 2013, ANC announced a partnership with Yahoo!, which saw the introduction of a Yahoo! portal featuring content from ANC (which will remain separate from the main ABS-CBN News website), and would also allow ANC content to be featured on Yahoo! News Philippines.

The partnership marks Yahoo's first partnership with a television news outlet outside of the United States, where Yahoo! has recently established a similar content partnership with ABC News.

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